Eco CleaningBristolLight & Airey Green Cleaning Services environmental policy is based on the belief that no one operates in isolation. Everyone shares the same earth and everything we do matters to those around us.

Light & Airey Cleaning Green Services use the most advanced cleaning products and methods to make green cleaning as effective as traditional cleaning while providing improved occupant health and performance with minimised impact on the environment.

The Green Cleaning products we use are:

  • Safe and formulated for use around individuals with asthma, chemical or allergic sensitivities.
  • Healthier for families and employees and feature a higher rate of biodegradation for reduced impact on our environment.
  • Free of surfactants, detergents and wetting agents containing no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

In our Green Policy Process we:

  • Use lint-free reusable microfiber cloths rather than paper products to clean surfaces and reduce the waste stream.
  • Significantly reduce water usage compared to conventional cleaning methods.

Our Green Policy approach in cleaning is one of the easiest and fastest ways for employers and families to make their facilities and homes healthier and safer for employees, family, and friends and not to mention their contribution to the overall environment.